Safety first...

Safety is all that matters!

"Gosh - a pedelec for a kid - isn't that's way more dangerous than a conventional bike"- this statement we heard several times during the development phase of the Ben-E-Bikes.
In fact - there's some truth behind it if technology for adult pedelecs is tranfered to kid's bikes without proper adaptation. As always - it simply depends on how you do it. We are absolutely convinced that our Ben-E-Bikes outperform most of the "unpowered "kids bikes available on the market today in terms of safety.


„Aren't children unable to deal with the speed of a pedelec?“
No - even if an official statement from the German bicycle club "ADFC" says the opposite. Actually from perspective and experience this is pure nonsens as kids on a Ben-E-Bike don't drive faster on level routes. In combination with the standard 175 Wh battery the motor assistance ends at 20 km/h. Parents (and not the child himself) can even reduce this threshold to values between 10 and 20 km/h.
Besides that all Ben-E-Bikes have a short gear transmission ratio so that it is hardly possible to achieve higher speeds than 30 km/h even on slope sections.


„Does the sudden push of the motor lead to critical situations?“

No - the controller of the hub motor is well adapted to the low weight of bike and driver. In addition to that all Ben-E-Bikes offer a new feature that allows to match the total motor power to the weight of your kid.. Needless to say that this parameter can only be changed by the parents. A proper setup provided the hub motor offers in combination with the three sensors (speed-, pedal and hall sensors) a powerful yet smooth response.

„Aren't pedelecs much heavier than conventional bikes for children?“

No - not in case of a Ben-E-Bike. This statement is only valid for our competition.
Every single Ben-E-Bike simply proves the opposite. It is one of our basic principles that a Ben-E-Bike always  has to be lighter than a comparable, conventional bicycle for children!

You need an example?
A non-powered 20" bike, even offered by well-known players in the bike industry, typically brings 10.5 to 11.5 kg to the scales - our Ben-E-Bike TWENTY E-POWER just weighs 9.9 kg.
Standard 24" bicycles with suspension forks are between 13 and 14 kg, whereas the Ben-E-Bike TWENTYFOUR AIR weighs 12.0 kg and our superlight version even less than 11 kg.
Needless to mention that our 8.8 kg TWENTYSIX RACE is the most lightweight E-bike that you can buy worldwide.

Responsibility already starts during development

Children are wild and always try to explore the limits - especially when the new blood proudly rides a motor-powered vehicle. So from time to time is good to have a "tool" getting your kiddies managed if words aren't enough. That's why we developed a remote control for the Ben-E-Bikes.

"May the force be with the parents" - the remote Control 

So if the youngsters are getting over-motivated, the wireless remote will bring them back on the ground of fact. The push of a single button will restrain them right away.

The green button acts like a "warning" as it activates a buzzer on the kid's bike. If you child simply ignores this premonition then you can launch "stage 2" and press the red button. This deactivates the hub motor and the Ben-E-Bikle rightaway becomes a normal, un-assisted bike (the display on the Ben-E-Bike remains active for a certain time). It is solely possible to reactivate the hub motor via the remote control. Separating the receiver blackbox on the Ben-E-Bike from power supply doesn't help at all - so no chance for your kids to dupe the locked micro-controller.

Another very useful feature - it is possible to control two bikes at the same time with one single remote (it requires a second receiver, optionally available receiver for the kid's bike). The slide switch "L - R" selects which bike shall be controlled.

The remote control for the parent's bike has a range of up to 100 m and incorporates its own LiOn battery as power supply. It is delivered with a AC power charger but with an optinal USB cable it might also be possible to hook it up to the USB port that you find in many adult's E-bikes for charging.