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About us

How the whole story started...

Until July 2014 our personal perception of bicycles seemed to be "normal" - everyone of us had a conventional bike and those "new-fashioned" pedelecs were only known from hearsay. The first test drive with a totally unspectecular "City E-bike" changed everything and the pedelec mania took its course!.

Just 14 days after this "experience" I bought my first E-bike, less than three weeks passed by until my wife was biking electrically assisted.
You can imagine what happened next - our son Ben pronounced in a remonstrative manner that he won't make anymore bike trips with us. 
Try to explain to your child why you use e-bikes for more convenient mobility while they have to pedal non-assisted. That's really a challenge!

Our team

Managing director and CTO

Managing and art director

Chefentwickler Ben-E-Bike
Testfahrer Ben-E-Bike

"CTDO" (Chief Test Drive Officer)
Test driver and eponym of our brand

Test driver "alpine"

Test driver

Testfahrer Ben-E-Bike
Testfahrer Ben-E-Bike

Development and assembly in Germany

Even if most of the parts for the Ben-E-Bikes are sourced in Far East, the whole development and the final assembly takes place in Germany. By no means this is the job of a subcontractor who is focused on high volumes. On the opposite - all Ben-E-Bikes are carefully made in a small bike manufacture in the Greater Area of Hildesheim / Lower Saxony.
For each single bike exists a comprehensive inspection protocol that records every important step during production.
So you may rest assured that every Ben-E-Bike are shipped in simply perfect condition.